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BEAUTIFUL Classroom Design Linky Party!!!!

It's that time of year again! Are your ready to link up with your BEAUTIFUL classroom Design Pictures? My BEAUTIFUL classroom Design Pictures are ready to share! Please Link up your designs at the end of this post.
In My school, we do not each have a board outside our classroom, because we are Pods.  Instead we have a Pod Bulletin board as well as grade level bulletin boards.  Upon entering our Pod we created this fun board, using CTP cutouts and brown Paisley border. (I love how it pops on the Green background)  Our Board Reads "The K-1 Pod is Toad-ally Hoppin'" I wrote our Names on the Frogs and room Numbers on the Lilly Pads.

My Owl and Polka Dot Themed Clip Chart-You can find it Here.
Entrance to classroom Last year (2012):  My Daily 5 Signs--I've also included computers as we are a very technological school. If you would like these,  You can get them here on TpT.

This is my Front Bulletin Board this year. I've hung my Rules and WBT Call sayings here. (These signs are from Gingersnaps)

This hangs over my reading table.
I re-vamped my first day of school kit to fit on my fancy paper from CTP 

This is the view from across the room, looking into the pod. I added some chevron border around my windows for a little pop! I have 1 of my doors open right now, I open my room up for Centers and then when we need some quiet time, close them again.

Looking from behind to the front door.

Welcome Letter, Letter to parents, supply list, student information sheet and Student Handbook.

My CAFE Board--I found these signs and Letters for Free.  Her name is Amy from The Resource Room
Here is how my Word Wall began this summer. I made a Chevron Chic alphabet and word wall to coordinate with the Dots on Turquoise dots from CTP.

I added the chevron border across the bottom of the ribbon to finish it off. I will be placing the letters I receive from the Alphabet Exchange organized by my friend Chrissy at First Grade Found Me

Close UP!

 This is how I had it last year. My word wall has been "interactive" since I started teaching First grade 7 years ago.  I use ribbons and velcro dots. Students are able to go up to the word wall and take down a word as needed and replace it when finished.  This also makes it easy when playing word wall games such as "What is the missing Word?" In addition if I have to change classrooms, the ribbons can be removed and re-hung.  I won't need to re-do all the velcro dots.  This is a new set of ribbons, as I changed my "theme" this year.  My last set of ribbons lasted 5 years!  Basically I measured and cut the ribbon to equal lengths. I stapled it to my wall. As I add words I adhere a velcro dot to the ribbon and the wordwall card. I wouldn't tell you to do it all at once, as my county word list is different, which is why I added dots as I went along. I was able to get a wheel of 75 dots at staples for about $8.00.

Close-up of Last  years wall.  The letters and WORD WALL sign can be found here.
OWL Standing Work!  I know--your thinking where are the owls?  Ha, You can only get so much done in between preparing for presentations, sitting in meetings, aligning standards and cleaning--right! You all know what I'm talking about.  The owls will be hung this week! I promise :0)  This board is above my 2 computers in my classroom.

I placed my huge cubby shelf on the back counter this year, to make room behind my desk.  It holds manuals, birthday bags and my daily work bins. (Thank you Kinder-Craze for the cute M-F tags--they really pop!)

My board above my desk--holding schedules and important info. and some owl art I found in my HGTV magazine! Also, I use the library pockets to hold the Mustang Money for our PBS rewards at our school.

This is where I will hang my I Can statements that I purchased from The Teachers Cauldron.  I got the small pocket charts from the $1 bin at target and the Chevron borders are from CTP.

My Library--always a work in progress! I actually was smart and sorted the books at the end of the year, so my work was pretty quick when putting it back together again. The bins and bin tags are from Really Good Stuff. As you can see, some of my baskets need tags--like I said a "Work in Progress"
And of course you can't start the year without these!!!

Might as well be sylish when you are out! Thanks Heather from CTP for these beautiful essentials!

I hope you can link up your rooms soon :) head on down and Link up with your BEAUTIFUL Classroom
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  1. I just love all of your owl stuff! I hope that one day I will be as organized as you! As a first year teacher, it's so hard to know what to do next! 😊 haha! My to-do list keeps growing exponentially 😜
    Thanks for sharing this linky! I can't wait to linkup once I get to my computer! :)

  2. I am obsessed with your word wall. Absolutely stunning and I wish I had thought of it! :)

  3. Jessica everything looks fabulous. I cant shut your post down because I want to use so many of your ideas. Thank you!!
    Julie :)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  4. Love this linky - just linked up! Your classroom is BEE-U-Tiful! I love all the colors and I am totally an owl girl too! Love it!

  5. Your room is beautiful! I love the owls and your new word wall! Your furniture and walls look so modern too. Everything looks so nice! I finally linked up- sorry it took me so long.
    First Grade Found Me

  6. I linked up! I love your word wall and book organization!

  7. I absolutely LOVE your word wall! Thanks for sharing! :)


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