Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Throwback--with some Freebies!

This post is coming a little late in the day, but it's Sunday so were out early to church and then came home to just relax. {I posted this last summer when I was getting my classroom ready. I am using all of these in my classroom this year as well.}
Last summer, Ashley Hughes posted some brand new papers, called Rachel Papers. They were made especially for her, from However, I really think they were made for me!! These are the exact colors of my classroom!!! I was literally the first one to leave a comment--so I think I might have been the first one to buy it.  But anyways, I immediately got to work on my new classroom alphabet and word wall set.
I had bought these CTP dots back in June!! I had no idea what I was going to do with them. But then it hit me!! My Word Wall!

I printed, cut and glued my little heart out!!!

They came out awesome. Now I just need to laminate and hang them.  I can't get back in my room 'til August 5th and even then, we are not allowed to use the laminator. We have a designated person for that. So I will probably have to wait even longer to get these up--so sad :(

I also made a Chalkboard alphabet with the Chevron background. I don't have a lot of wall space, so I printed them 2 per page. (look at my dog--he was so excited that I was down on the floor working, he's not allowed anywhere my new couch! LOL!)

Ha, can you see my toes?  I had to stand on my dining room chair to get this shot!!

I also started on my next most favorite awesome project for the upcoming school year.  My co-worker this year had a "working folder" where she put all sorts of useful information into clear sleeves and then fastened them in a folder.  I took the concept and decided to cut and paste what I had onto file folders.  I made up a bunch of labels and printed them out. 
You can find them here Student Executive File-FREEBIE
My Student Executive Files
The alphabet chart is from Maria Manore at Kinder-Craze you can find the alphabet chart {HERE}-Free
The Digraphs and Blends on the right  are from Lacey at Wild About Teaching. Find it {HERE}-Free
The long deskplate with more digraphs and vowel teams is from the Clever Classroom. Find it {HERE} 
I also added a blend deskplate to the back that I forgot I bought, also from the Clever Classroom. You can find that {HERE}
The 3 Daily 5 signs down the center are from Lori from Teaching with Love and Laughter. What I did was print the 3 pages to 1 page by changing my printer settings.  I will probably also use them at their normal size so the class will have a reference for their file.  You can find her Daily 5 Goodies {Here}-Free.
I have a new product out as well, that is having a Flash Freebie as you read this today.  Head on over and grab it before the day is done! I will be back to full price tomorrow.  Newsletters for All Seasons   is an editable file. It has 12 different templates with a variety of seasonal/monthly graphics. If you are able to get this for free please leave some love in the feedback and comments below. I hope you can use these great items in your classroom this year!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Owl Love is back!

Recently I was contacted by Brenda to bundle some of my Owl Love Items together and add a few items to the pack. Well I am happy to report that 
 is up and ready in my
It has been a while since I created anything new, it takes a lot of time and I've been focusing on my kids and getting healthy. I'm so glad to have the summer to get my creative juices flowing. Take a look at what is in the bundle. Of course each item is sold separately as well, if you are not in need of the entire pack!
Owl Love Alphabet and Word Wall with Banner Options

Owl Love Shapes and Colors

A Brand New Editable File! You pretty much can be as creative as you like with this file. You can make everything from word wall card words, flash cards, name tags, labels for centers, library books, report cards, banners for centers or tables, Your name on a Banner, cutouts for your classroom doors or bulletin boards. Editable files let your imagination take you wherever your brain lets you!
Owl Love Number Cards! The ten frames are home to matching apples that you will find coordinates beautifully with the school time Owls. 
So what do you think?  Are you getting ready for next school year? Do you have Owl Love? Then maybe this is the decor set for you!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ladybug Love-Custom Classroom Decor

About a year ago, I made a custom classroom decor set for a wonderful teacher named Kari. She was kind enough to send me the pictures of her finished classroom. She asked for a green, black and white Ladybug theme. I worked hard to meet her needs and make her set to match her style and vision for her classroom. She had a room full of green, red and white baskets and pom poms--which turned out to match absolutely perfectly with the Ladybug love Decor!
As you can see, Kari's bulletin board is meticulously designed. I love how she separates the board with different colors. The simple black border makes it easy on the eye. In front of her board on the table she has baskets labeled with the Editable Chalkboard labels in the set.

Kari asked for calendar numbers and month cards. I created a pattern with the background colors of green, black and white. The red ladybugs truly POP on this calendar! Each month had a matching background to the theme, and graphics to fit that specific month.

Here, Kari has used the editable file to meet the needs of her classroom. I love how she used these!
Kari, made her own custom name Banner. Love it!!

Kari decorated her Wall with hand-painted letters with some more ladybugs.

 I love the how she color-coordinated everything in her room. Even the poms hanging above are matching. Do you see the daisies in the corner of the bulletin board on the left? What a great idea!

Here you can see how all the colors come together in her classroom. Between, the baskets and poms, the bulletin boards, wall decor and labels, Kari has created a beautiful classroom.

The Word Wall was created using the Word Wall and Banner from the Decor Set. Also in the corner, you catch a glimpse of the color cards.

Another view of the classroom, I love how she has organized all of her baskets and bins!
Here is another example of how Kari made the editable file work for her classroom needs.

Here Kari has used the Editable file for a birthday wall.
Here's a close-up.

These are the number cards that match the color-scheme and theme of the room. The backgrounds are green, black and white. The ten-frames are filled with ladybugs.
Thank you so much Kari for sending me these photos. I love how your classroom came out and I'm sure your students loved it too!
You can find the Ladybug Love set here
Baskets came from The Dollar Tree and Walmart.
Poms from Oriental Trading.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Daily 5-2nd Edition Book Talk

I'm linking up with the ladies from Freebielicious to talk about the new 2nd Edition of the Daily 5. I'm kind of behind the game a little, because I got my book a little late. I had no idea that a 2nd edition was out, but I couldn't be more glad that it is. I have been doing Daily 5 in my classroom since 2011. I started halfway through the school year, when I had first discovered their book. I even have a page here on my blog talking about how I got started.  Since then, the Daily 5 has evolved in my classroom from year to year. In the book, Chapters 1 and 2 the 2 sisters talk about the foundations for their book and research. They also, talk about how they have made some changes to their structure, in that as the year progresses and students become more and more independent, they have less rounds of Daily 5--because the children can stay at their Daily 5 of choice longer.
I found that the same thing occurred in my own class. I teach 1st grade so stamina is a completely foreign concept to most of my students when they enter my classroom.  And let me tell you something, it's hard!  But, I've found that if you have the stamina as the teacher to stick with the 10 steps to Independence, your class will be successful. When I read about muscle memory in the 1st book, my thought was "Did I just hear angels singing?"  "Why had no one ever told me to do this before?" The sisters reiterate these step in the 2nd Edition, it is the foundation of making the Daily 5 successful in your classroom.  I know some people, who just want to rush through the process and get it started. But I found patience is a virtue. And the training truly pays off. 

As I read the rest of the 2nd Edition, I will talk about how it differs, or how it can work in your classroom.

Here's a little freebie for you--Some Daily 5 signs that I use in my classroom as anchor charts.

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