Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Featured Teacher: Liana Davis

Liana Davis from Love Learning with Liana (link to http://lovelearningwithliana.blogspot.com/) is living her dream as a first grade teacher. All her life, she has dreamt of teaching little kids to dream big and love learning, and her dream has been a reality for 4 years now! She teaches with the core concept of providing social justice to students that were just like her when she was a child. An immigrant, a non-native English speaker, and from a family that lived modestly.  She knows that every student has the capacity to learn, and she harnesses that ability to see her students shine. To read more about her teaching philosophy, you can read it here (link to http://lovelearningwithliana.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html)

Only two of her 4 years teaching have been in first grade, but she couldn’t imagine teaching anything else. She loves the unscripted feel of first grade.  Besides first, she has also taught Kindergarten, and high school English.

Liana is also a newlywed, and she got married in January 2015 to her college/bible study sweetheart.  If you would like to see pictures from her wedding, click here (link to http://lovelearningwithliana.blogspot.com/2015/08/my-fairytale-wedding.html).  At that time, she was teaching high school English, and she didn’t spend quite as much time cutting, pasting, and creating fun activities for a primary classroom.  With so much free time on her hands, March 2015, she decided to sell on TPT. She was always creating products for her classroom, and she thought why not share them with the world!

If you know Liana, then you know that she never sits still, much like every other teacher who takes on the task of teaching full time, blogging about it, and creating products for Teachers Pay Teachers. To find Liana’s store, click here  (link to https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Love-Learning-With-Liana).

Other than teaching, blogging, and TPT, she loves to spend time with her family in Los Angeles, and explore her new city with her new husband in San Diego.

Liana’s most popular product is the Book Report for Grades 1-3.

Her latest two products are Unit 2: Addition Math Printables and Fall Fluency, Phonics, and Writing Activities.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Featured Teacher Tuesday:The Primary Sisters

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This week’s featured teacher is Samantha Gibby and Lisa Fain they are the Primary Sisters  http://theprimarysisters.blogspot.com/ 

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Just like their name says, they are two sisters who teach first grade at the same school in a small town in NC. They feel so blessed to get to teach with each other every day. Their TPT adventure began last summer. As they were sitting in a hot tub at the Outer Banks, they began to think of resources they needed to best  compliment their words their way spelling instruction. You can check out some of the their short vowel word work packs in their TPT Store  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Short-e-vowel-word-work-2008512 

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So since July they have been busy creating products, and they said no one told them how addicting it can be. Especially when colleagues come in and say, okay this is great, thanks for making this! Even though they are far from their first TPT million, the excitement of creating materials that meet their students needs has been the force that keeps them going. Samantha and Lisa are married and both have 3 children. Their oldest sons are in college at NCSU and Appalachian State, but they are still busy with their other teenagers who cheer and play football for their local high school. They enjoy being active in their churches, traveling, feeding the football team each Friday night and surfing the internet. They feel so blessed to be on this awesome journey and are thankful for the wonderful teacher friends they are making along the way.
These sisters are always looking for ways to make learning fun and hands on.
One of their newest products is a Halloween themed Boo game working  with sight words and math printables working with sums up to 12. Check them out here.
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Enjoy these freebies. Students will love these hands on CVC word wheels
AND Sight word Roll Say Keep is a great addition to any literacy station 
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Be sure to follow these creative sisters on

Monday, September 21, 2015

Watch me Minus!!

We have begun subtraction.
I plan on starting my Monster Problems for First Grade Soon. 
Hoping they will remember when to subtract.

Every year, my class reverts to adding even though we need to take away.
I happened to be watching the Jimmy Fallon / Ellen Degeneres Lip Sync battle one morning and had the Whip and Nae Nae stuck in my head. As I was checking homework I began changing the words in my head.
"Watch me Teach, teach.
(students) Now watch me Listen.
Watch me Teach, teach.
(students) Now watch me listen."

I began teaching Math, and several children were drawing plus signs and adding.

I always use arm motions to help my children learn, (even before WBT told you to, lol) I put 2 arms up in a plus for adding and 1 arm up across for minus. 2 arms up, parallel for  equal.
Then the song popped back into my head.

"Now watch me minus (minus sign with arm)
Now watch me take away (super man move)
Now watch me minus (minus sign with arm)
Now watch me take away (super man move)
Subtract, subtract (stinky leg move)
Subtract, subtract (stinky leg)
Now Break apart...(break your legs move)
Now Break apart...(break your legs)

The video below, shows this verse.
We have added the following lines (video hopefully to come soon)

We find the difference,
No, not the sum
When we subtract (minus sign)
All our Numbers (hashtag sign, 2 fingers across, 2 fingers down)

Hope you like this little song and dance and that it will help your kiddos learn subtraction. If you have never heard this song, it is now on www.gonoodle.com. My class loves this song for brain breaks as well.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Alphabet Exchange: Letter C

Our Class is so excited to send out our C for Caterpillar. I have lost count now, for how many years we have participated in the Alphabet Exchange with Chrissy from First Grade Found Me.

Chrissy is great! She gathers everyone's information, sorts and disseminates and sends out the information to over 200 people. She is so organized it makes my job of mailing out 25 letters easy as pie.

I traced circles and copied them on to lt. blue, teal, green and red paper. If your remember the Hungry Caterpillar, he is all of those colors.

First they glued the circles. We needed a red head, then 7 more circles for each day of the week the Caterpillar eats something.

I remembered my teammate made a really cute caterpillar for Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar. She gave me the fruit page she used. (There was no copyright on the page, so I don't know where she got it)
Here is our letter C--Chrissy sends that too. She sends out a formatted alphabet so everyone has the same font. It's up to you to come up with an idea for your letter. I printed the C on Astrobrights Green paper.

Just  a little shout-out to Astrobrights www.colorizeyourclassroom.com #colorizeyourclassroom I entered several projects into this contest. I was randomly chosen to be the first weeks winner. Look at all that beautiful color! I will not be needing color paper for a good long while. Thank you Astrobrights for your generosity!!

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