Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day is on it's Way

Today is her 8th Birthday!
This is my daughter on her class Field trip to the Manatee Center in Fort Pierce, FL. She loves all things and is inspired by everything around her.  I wish I had her imagination!   As a mom, I couldn't be any prouder.  She is a talented, smart and spunky kid.  8 years has flown by and as many of you know it feels like just yesterday that the Dr. put her in my arms.  

 For the last several years I have made a point to make a book with my students for Mother's Day. The Cover Page is not Shown--but I call it "Because You love Me". (You can find it at the link if you click on the Title). We wrote an Acrostic Poem and Cinquain Poem about their moms.  The students each wrote an "I am thankful for you" letter. They conducted an interview with their mom as a homework assignment on the "All About Mom" page. They got to draw themselves with their mom and last we did a hand-print below a poem for a keepsake. Luckily, my school has a laminating machine and someone who laminates everything for us.  So the pages are sealed and protected. The last phase of the project is to  punch holes in the side and get ribbon to tie and bind it for a beautiful keepsake to give their mom's on Mother's Day.  It has changed and morphed over that time, but here are what some of the pages look like today.  

My mom and me--Students Illustrate. I always love to see how they view themselves and their mom in their drawings.

MOTHER Acrostic Poem--We brainstormed Words and the students chose which words would describe their mom.
  This is my favorite-- I used red paint to make a heart in the middle and painted the rest of their hand blue.  The poem was given to me by a friend long ago, so sadly I don't know who the author is.
Unfortunately, I was unable to upload all the pages but hopefully you get the idea..
I am going to be getting ready for my daughter's Birthday party today and This week I will be binding these books.  I hope you all have a great week too, and of course a Happy Mother's Day!

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I love hearing from you!!!!Thanks for telling your tale....

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