Friday, August 24, 2012

More Classroom Themes and Bulletin Boards

My Classroom Door.  I worked for about 2 days on these owls, but it was worth it.  They each have their own personality just like my kids. The Larger "teacher" Owl, was given to me from Jenny at Owl Things First.

Close up

My Friend Jen, Let me take pics of her "Little Chimps" theme.  So cute.  Thanks Jen.

She inspired the Monkey Clip-Chart.  It's great to see it in "action"

My next door neighbor Sarah, is also doing owls.  She showed off her artistic abilities and drew her tree and flowers.  She also found some really cute owl border.

This is Sarah's creative way of storing her students computer cards.  Library Pocket cards.

My other teammate, Renee has an Ocean/tropical theme.  Here is her wall for student work.

She made her word wall using "ocean-life" Fabric.

An Ocean of Helpers jobs board.

Maria's Shining Stars in Kindergarten

Hallway Bulletin Boards:  Serving up another A.  Yeah, our school was rated and A again!

A Sky Full of Wishes.  I had each of my teammates design their own hot-air balloon to show off their personality. I took everyone's picture to look like we are waving from the balloon. Behind each of our pictures, is our wish list for our classroom this year.

I made the middle balloon 3D, by stuffing it with some left-over butcher paper.

Western theme: Kindergarten says howdy!

Close-up on a teacher :)

Monster Theme Clip-chart inspired by my teammate Cyndy.

Monster Jobs

Monster Manners

Monster Daily 5

Finally, My son's teacher is doing "Crayons". Here he is in front of her box of beautiful colors.  Yeah First Grade! Thanks Dawn.                                                              

I hope you found some inspiration today!

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