Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Giveaway Winner and School Leaders Book

and the winner is.................
Kerri Ricks Hall
Kerri, please email me so I can give Really Good Stuff your address for Your awesome Modular Pocket Chart!!

Modular Pocket Chart™

 Now onto my new project at school!  My School Leaders and Workers Book. I created this because we need to integrate our Writing with Science and social studies this year.  We do have a science book, but not a very long time to teach it. We do not have a Social Studies Book.  Therefore, we usually make everything we teach according to the scope and sequence.  Here are few pics of what we have done in class.  Tomorrow, all the kids will have to do is finish up their illustrating and staple!
We brainstormed together as a class.

I broke the circle into 3 parts, based on verb, to help organize our thoughts.

My favorite--Teachers are superheroes!

1. Circle map 2. Tree Map 3. Sentences

I love how they each decorated the schoolhouse in their own way.  Really shows off their personality!

Another great example.

If you would like to have this School Leaders and workers book, you can find it at my store on TpT.


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