Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun and a Freebie!

Ok, I just couldn't help myself.  Seriously, raise your hand if you ever wore pants like this?  Ok, so there's my little FUN moment.  I thought I was going to be saying this today and may have this song, but my class was super awesome with one of my favorite Word Work activities. I broke out the shaving cream for shaving Cream words, yes, you heard me correctly.
Take a look.
First you smear the shaving cream around (not too much, or it will start evaporating) Then scrape off the excess with your finger.

I call out a sight word or spelling word. I say each letter. The students write the letters into their shaving cream.

Notice all the shaving cream on her hands...see what I mean about "Can't touch this!"


Usually, someone is always coming up to me with shaving cream hands, and getting it all over me, but I have to say I stayed pretty clean.  Some of my little goof-balls, decided they may need a shave and created some mustaches and goatees, but  it was all good.

After this we did math as usual, but since the new common core states that first graders need to be able to solve problems, using addition and subtraction I created Monster Problems.

These are not in the unit right now...however my class liked them so much I will be adding them in within the week.

I have taken 1 of the anchor charts and 2 of the problems to offer as a Freebie, to all my readers. 
Click the link if you would like to download.
I love feedback, so let me know what you and your little kiddos think of Monster Problems.
If you want to grab the whole book, you can pick it up at either 1 of my shops. (There is also a 2nd grade version available with 2-digit addition and subtraction problems)

Monster Problem Freebie


  1. Great freebie! I've been really pushing the relationship of addition to subtraction lately and this fits in GREAT! Thanks so much!
    Growing Firsties


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