Saturday, October 6, 2012

*POP* and Office Max Deals

This is going to be a quick post about some deals I found at Office Max while on the hunt for construction paper.  Both of my kiddos have projects due this week, and of course I was out of the essentials--glue and construction paper.
While there, I found these great labels on clearance form Post-It.  Usually I would buy plain white, but then I had a great idea to use with the colors. I also found this adorable owl coin purse. I'm all about OWLs this year, so I couldn't resist.  (The jumbo Craft sticks are from Michaels)
*POP*  it's a sight word game my class absolutely loves.  I write the words on sticks and place them in a cup. The kids pull a stick and say the word, then pass the cup.  If they get *POP* they have to put their words back.   Well, I decided using the labels and typing the words would be a lot better use of my time.  I used the different colors for each quarter's words.  Now I am set for the rest of the year. 

This is my son playing with my new game!  Since he is a First Grader--His opinion counts.  He loves it!

These Sharpeners were $.10!  Crazy cheap.  Oh, and these are my new favorite pens--they write great and they are erasable. Love them!

Don't forget, I am also having a sale at both of my shops.  Click the links on the right side to go to either TPT or TN. Have a great weekend!

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