Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sentiments from Vacation

This is my first Blog post since the tragedy on Friday in CT.
It has been an extremely busy week, between school activities, and my own children, not to mention I find it difficult to put into words my feelings on what happened. I've had to deal with so much since then... but I am thankful, that although there is so much going on, my children are safe in my arms.

I pray continually for the families who lost their babies. Our school got right into action selling green and white ribbons in honor of Sandy Hook. We raised quite a bit of money and will be sending it up to the families. When we got home Friday afternoon, this is what we saw over our house.

On Friday, my son also broke his Femur while at recess.  I was sitting about 2 feet away from him, when another student accidentally ran into him. He fell down hard and had cuts and bruises on both elbows and knees as well as his head.  His left knee was the worst, with the largest and deepest scrape.
Thank fully I was there with him, because he was real upset.  I took him to the nurse, and he limped the whole way.  Over the weekend, he hopped everywhere, and refused to put weight on his foot. We took him to the emergency care center, where they told us they thought it was broken. On Monday, we went to the orthopedic doctor--and it was indeed broken. It's called a Salter-Harris Fracture. It is a fracture in the growth are of the bone. 

Well, he has mastered the crutches and is still faster than his big sister!  I can't slow my 6 year old down. and he hasn't complained a bit.  I've been so stressed out, but at the same time I know how blessed I am. It's not Thanksgiving, but I am so Thankful for all my abundant blessings.
Between then and today, we've had a chorus concert, cookie baking, present wrapping and a dance recital.

Here are just a few more pics, of what we did this week in school. We made these ornaments out of crafts sticks paint, sequins and paisley cut-outs from Creative Teaching Press. I added paper to the back, a picture of the child and a magnet to the back.

They got to choose what color nose they would like and the type of googly eyes. The girls liked the eyes with lashes.

Reindeer stories told from the Point of View of the Reindeer.

Grinchy Crinkle Cookies.

Christmas presents for my students

Every student got a copy of this book.

A brand new box of crayons.

A snowman pencil.

And a new bottle of glue.

We also made this Grinch--I adapted it from my colleagues regular Santa. We added a green head and yellow eyes. We wrote words around The Grinch to describe him. Not pictured here

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  1. Aww, your poor son! Sending my best for a speedy recovery!
    ΡΌ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter


I love hearing from you!!!!Thanks for telling your tale....

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