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Writing Folktales

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I love reading Fables and folktales. I love that the children are able to learn a lesson from a simple story. When I taught 3rd and 4th grade we would give a FABLE book report every year. I would give each of our students a well known fable to analyze. They would write about what they learned and what the moral was.  They then wrote their own fables/folktales from their knowledge of the genre.
Now, that I teach First, I still want to do a similar activity--unit--only more on the level of my students.
Our weekly story is a Folktale this week.  We discussed and wrote about what we learned from the story.  We then wrote our own stories.

This is how we Sequenced the story from our book:

We used 6 post it notes on a sheet of paper to plan and organize their original story.

I used this as my Flow-map;instead of having them draw their own. (Post=it Notes are one of my favorite tools when writing) Together as a class we brainstormed animals and settings and I wrote them on a chart (sorry not pictured here)

I guided them through each box, or part of the story.
Box 1--Choose 2 animals.  (characters)
Box 2 --Setting: Where will your story take place?
Box 3--Event #1 What are your two characters doing?
Box 4--Problem: What problem will these 2 animals have?
Box 5--Solution: How will they solve the problem?
Box 6 Conclusion
After they brainstormed, they wrote a sloppy copy. 
I helped them edit and revise their ideas by conferencing with students through out the week on their ideas and spelling.
It all started when......
3 Events (First, Next, After)
In Conclusion, They used the above phrases in their writing on the writing papers from my Writing in a Winter Wonderland Writing unit.

After they were done writing, I let the kids choose the color of their book cover, which they also illustrated.  Next Week we are going to be doing an "Author's Share". They worked so hard, but it was all worth it!
What kind of writing did you do this week?

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  1. That's very impressive. Your kids sound like great writers!
    Thanks so much for the shout out:)
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