Saturday, February 9, 2013

Amazing Lemonade!

In Between my reading, spelling and Lunch, we were setting up our lemonade stand an mixing up some Lemonade!  (note for the future--you really need to stir that powder up! oops)
Julian was so excited he stayed and helped out serving the lemonade to over 1,000 students!  We had such an outpouring of donations that we more than met our goal!!!
Julian has inspired our 8th grade National Junior Honor Society to have more events in the future. I can't tell you how amazing it is to have 8th grade girls come to you with a list of ideas to help raise money for a cause as wonderful as Alex's Lemonade Stand. Their passion to help a fellow student and other children makes my heart soar! There is hope for our future if children today can look to helping others rather than just focusing on themselves. If you haven't heard it already, here is the story of Alex and her Amazing Lemonade Stand!

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  1. Love the pictures! Such a fun way to do something so great! Thanks for sharing them.


I love hearing from you!!!!Thanks for telling your tale....

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