Saturday, February 16, 2013

Presidents Day Unit and Craftivities!

I have Monday off for Presidents Day as many of you.  I made up this little Unit to do next week and it has quickly become my "BESTSELLER!!!" Part of this mini-unit is my Abe Lincoln Hat and Beard Craftivity. (I really wanted to get my son to model it, but he was camera shy) But use your imagination, and try to picture a cute little face peeking out from the beard! I also made a template for a Washington Wig. I traced out all the beards on Friday like this---so I could fit 2 beards on 1 piece of paper.

We will also be making a mini-book about George and Abe, Word of the Day, Sentence Scramble and Math Word Problems.  Take a look at Presidents Day Fundamentals!
 Enjoy your 3-Day weekend--I will be spending the rest of it, planning my formal lesson for my evaluation.  Can you say Common Core Geometry? Wish me luck!

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  1. This looks awesome!! If we didn't have such a busy week, I'd get it for sure. But we have a patriotic singing program on Friday, field trip Thursday, and practice for the program every day. So I pinned instead. How exciting that it became your best seller! I especially love the hat!
    First Grade Found Me


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