Friday, June 21, 2013

Flash Font Freebie!!

My Fonts are free For 24 hours on TPT!!! 
Stop by--download and leave me feedback!!
(you can take a peek at the fonts over on my sidebar)
In more TpT news, I've decided to work smarter, not harder.
I bundled 6 of my favorite writing units into 1 discounted deal!
It contains my Back to school Bundle of Books (3 books in 1 unit), Integrate writing and social studies with my School Leaders and Workers, Get Ready for Fall with Fall into Writing (you will love this for expository writing with common core)click here to see what it looked like in my classroom.

What's common core without some Research? So I also included my Animal Research Writing unit. Also included is my Classroom Chronicles!  Get your students speaking and listening, taking notes and writing--all while thinking it's fun!! My class loved this unit. See here for more on Classroom Chronicles. Of Course, you will need to manage all this writing--So I have included my Create-Your-Own-Classroom-Publishing-Co. (I will customize your class publishing sign and labels free of charge-upon purchase). 

Also, Google Reader will be gone on July1st so make sure you transfer your blogs over to bloglovin'. It's really easy. Click the link on the right to go to bloglovin'.
Thanks everyone, I'm going to go have my second cup of coffee!!!
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  1. Thank you for the free fonts!

  2. Jessica, thank you for the fonts. I left feedback for you. Your writing bundle looks great.
    Primary Paradise

  3. Thank you so much for the great fonts! I am so excited to start using them!

  4. Oh. yah!!

    I have no idea how to download the fonts. I have watched two videosbut still can't get there. I have downloaded to my desktop and have downloaded a 7 zip but from there I just can't figure it out.HELP!!!

    1. I emailed you with directions. I hope you are able to download now.


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