Monday, June 10, 2013

Hi! My name is Jessica and .....

I'm addicted to CTP's Dots on Turquoise and Paisley and Chevron!!!
Seriously I have a problem. I redecorated last year with Owls, Dots on Turquoise and Paisley. 

A week or two ago, they came out with a new chevron border and I quickly went to their website to check it out.  Many clicks later my cart was full! I just couldn't help my self.
I love this stuff, it is so pretty!!

So here's everything I got to add to my classroom decor!

I love the new chevron borders, I got the gray and turquoise (back-ordered) to add to my already coordinated bulletin boards. I also got these Dots on turquoise and paisley sticker sets. I always put stickers on tests and papers. I just love how they are all match.

These awards are perfect! I plan on using them for my reading log awards and number scroll awards.

OK. I love these dots.  My students have cubbies for their backpacks. I plan on laminating the dots and writing student names on them for their cubbies. (Laminating will allow me to re-use them next year) I also have some art project ideas in the back of my mind.  That's why I got 2 sets!!

Last but not least I go a plain Dots on turquoise folder and paisley sub folder. They are very sturdy and the pockets inside seem slightly larger than a standard folder (which is great). I am always putting papers into the back of my plan book and I get the huge bulge going. By using these folders with more pocket room I will be able to contain all of my important papers.
I am hoping to make some of my own matching sets for book labels, alphabet, binder covers and name tags etc.... (I can't spend any more money right now, ha!!) Thank you Creative Teaching Press for making my classroom beautiful!!


  1. I love Dots on Turquoise! I used those patterns in my class this past year. I like it so much that I am going to use it again. I like your owls, I might have to add them to my collection!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. We just found you. We are your newest followers. Addicted to owls too. Stop by and visit when you get a chance.
    Kristy and Misty


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