Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord Linky w/ freebies


I am linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First for a Linky of Random Proportions!
Sunday Smorgasbord is perfect for me, as I tend to ramble as my brain is thinking of 43 things at once!
So, I'm trying to be Healthy--I went to my Dr. for some advice, because I have to be honest, I got so busy with my kids and school, that I really forgot to take care of my self. She wants me to stay away from sugar--ALL Sugar including fruit and bread! Those are 2 of my favorite things--but I'm doing it! And maybe if I write it in a blog post--someone will keep me accountable out there in the blogging world!!! So, basically I've been following the South Beach Diet.
 I have done it before and it really works! Since, my doc, said 6 weeks--I'm going to follow the first 2 weeks for the whole month (only cheating every once in a while hehe) But really, I've lost 5 pounds without really too much exercising!  I just cut out Sugar! I found these awesome Almonds to cut my cravings for sweet!!

 Not to mention this new app--Pip_Camera!! I'm on instagram now, and let me tell you this app is so much fun!!! Here's my Family in one of the cute frames!

No That is not a real fish, we stayed at this great hotel a couple months ago, and it had this cute photo spot!
 We found this chrysalis on one of our palm trees in our front yard!  I thought it usually took about 10 days for it to change into a butterfly but about 4 days later....

We had a Monarch!!! We saw it just as it had come out! We got to watch it flap it's wings to dry them--and he just sat there and let us watch him--It was like watching a miracle right before our eyes! I don't know if you noticed the butterflies up in my header and button--did you?  Well those little guys represent my little guys--My two little miracles!!

 Summer reading is in full bloom! I'm not crazy teacher mama! I promise.  After breakfast for 20 minutes, that's it!  Just like Read to Self!  It has been great, especially for my boy! He is going through Dan Gutman books like crazy! If you have a 2nd grader I highly recommend the Weird School Series!!!
My Fourth grader is on book 2 of Harry Potter! She makes me proud as I am a total Harry fan!
This past week has been fun and exciting for me as I am throwing a giveaway!!! I'm excited to say that I've made lots of new friends!! If you haven't had a chance to stop by--you can click Giveaway  and it will take you there!
(I really like this app, can you tell?)

But please come back and read the rest of my randomness so you can grab these freebies, for today only! I've been blogging for a little over a year and teaching for 15 and it still amazes me how much I've learned from so many other teacher bloggers out there. Sorry these freebies are now closed Monster Problem Solving Pack for First grade and a Monster Problem Solving Pack for Second Grade. Please leave some feedback on TpT and let me know whatcha think!
Thanks for stopping by and I  hope you enjoy the freebies!!


  1. Hi,
    I found you over at Sunday Smorgasboard. I'm glad to find your blog. Butterflies are one of my favorites and you are right they are like a miracle each time!
    I Dream of First Grade

  2. I was just playing with that app today! Love it. Thanks for linking up!!

  3. What a cute blog. Good luck with South Beach. I've heard it's great and probably the only diet I haven't tried! I'm doing The Shred Diet and love it! I'm a new follower!


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