Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday--Classroom Design!!

I am so glad that Cara from The First Grade Parade decided to do this Linky Party!! I love being able to copy and paste an old but much loved post!  This week has been great personally for me!  Umm let's see, My daughter is in a drama camp and lovin' it!!! she comes home every day glowing. With her away, my son and I get some quality mother-son time.  He's growing up too fast so I cherish the time--hence, the lack of blogging.
Anywhoo, last year I threw a linky party of my own for the first time.  So we are going back to that post, which is my most viewed!! I'm going to have a similar linky this year starting MID-august when I go back to school. I'd love if you could all join in!

Finally, My classroom Design Pictures are ready to share! Link up your designs HERE Classroom-design-and-bulletin-board Linky Party

My Owl and Polka Dot Themed Clip Chart-You can find it Here.
Entrance to classroom: Going to Print the Pictures I took today of the kids and put them next to their owl. My Daily 5 Signs--I've also included computers as we are a very technological school. If you would like these, I can email them to you for free---I'm still trying to figure how to get them on google docs. You can get them here on TpT.

This hangs over my reading table.

My team colors are hanging with their corresponding Owl.  The bags on the desk are My First Day Survival Kit. Check out my sliding doors to the pod, we are able to open or close them as we need.

My CAFE Board--I found these signs and Letters for Free. She did not put her blog page on the document. Sorry :( Her name is Amy from The Resource Room

My Word Wall. My word wall has been "interactive" since I started teaching First grade 6 years ago.  I use ribbons and velcro dots. Students are able to go up to the word wall and take down a word as needed and replace it when finished.  This also makes it easy when playing word wall games such as "What is the missing Word?" In addition if I have to change classrooms, the ribbons can be removed and re-hung.  I won't need to re-do all the velcro dots.  This is a new set of ribbons, as I changed my "theme" this year.  My last set of ribbons lasted 5 years! Someone-Robin--Emailed me about how I do this. Robin I'm sorry I didn't reply--you are a no-reply blogger so I could not respond directly. Basically I measured and cut the ribbon to equal lengths. I stapled it to my wall. As I add words I adhere a velcro dot to the ribbon and the wordwall card. I wouldn't tell you to do it all at once, as my county word list is different, which is why I added dots as I went along. I was able to get a wheel of 75 dots at staples for about $8.00.

Close-up.  The letters and WORD WALL sign can be found here.

A view from my desk.  The bulletin board to the left, will be where I display student work.
I hope you can link up your rooms soon :)
Happy decorating,


  1. LOVING your ceiling puffs :) I am totally going to buy lanterns (because I don't trust myself with the fragile puffs) and hang them. Excited to be your newest follower!

    The Sweetest Thing
    Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  2. I love the interactive word wall! That's so cute. So, the Velcro sticks to the ribbon?? I never knew that! This is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)

    1. The velcro has a sticky backing so yes it works. you could always stitch it or hot glue it for some extra strength.

  3. We have a lot of matching owls! I almost switched to a dragon theme this year. Then I thought about how it would sound...Dragon into first grade! I'm sticking with owls with lots of dragons showing up for visits!!
    Owl Things First


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