Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clipboard Craft Tutorial

I am so excited to share this craft with you.  I'm sure you have heard that Michael's Stores has been running a contest called #create2educate on Instagram.  

Well I made some gifts for my team and posted it on Instagram @talesofafirstgradeteacher
 I'm thrilled to say that my little project was a winner!  

I am always looking to make things for my classroom, students and colleagues when I have the time over the summer.  As team leader I have been attending some workshops on what it means to be an effective leader and facilitator.  I wanted to start the year off with something that would bring my team together in a tangible way--but also that was in my budget. I purchased some rubber cement and clipboards. I already had scrapbook paper that I had purchased over the winter.  It is a Christmas Collection, but the variety in the pack also lent itself to colors that I found beautiful together.

Hopefully the next few collages will help you in creating your own beautiful clipboards for yourself or your team.

1. Rubber Cement 2. Scrapbook Paper 3. Clipboard 4. Scissors

 First you must decide upon 3 coordinating colors and patterns.  Most scrapbook paper is 12x12. This is the perfect size for this craft--because minimal cutting is involved.
1. Fold the paper in half that you want on the bottom of your clipboard. I rubbed along the edge to create a crease on both sides.
2. Cut down the crease along the front of the clipboard.
3. Cut off this piece--Repeat on both sides of the clip board.
4. Apply a generous amount of rubber cement to the paper. Make sure to get the edges of the paper so they do not curl.
5. Lay the clipboard down on top and rub the paper flat.
6. Apply rubber cement to the side flaps and fold onto clipboard. Repeat on both sides.

7. Once you have glued down both flaps, you will need to apply more rubber cement to both the paper and board. 
8. Fold down onto the clipboard and smooth out. I used my pampered chef scraper to make sure it was flat, but you can also use a credit card and achieve the same results.
9. Cut the 2nd color you have chosen in half and lay across the top of the clipboard.
10. Make a small cut (about 3/4 inch) on each side of the clip.
11. Fold the flap back and cut it out.
12. Make sure it fits around the clip--adjust as necessary. Then glue it down. Make sure to apply the glue to the board and paper for a better bond. (Especially around the clip)
13. Turn the clipboard over and glue down the flaps to the back.
14. Cover the top-back of the board with the other half of the matching paper. You will need to cut off about 2 inches to make it fit.
 15. Finally, cut about 2- 1x12 inch strips for the band around the middle. Glue down, and wrap the extra around to the back of the board.
16. Glue down the flaps, then trim and  glue the final strip.
These are the boards for my Team. I chose coordinating colors, but made them all different!  I hope this tutorial can help you create something beautiful!


  1. How stinking cute! You are way too creative .. if only.. and you have kids? How do you do it?!?

    :) Kelsey

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