Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!

Common Core says First Grade needs to learn to tell time to the hour and half hour. Well guess what, the math series we use does not have time!  So I spent the whole weekend creating a unit for my firsties. Now I have some pretty smart kiddos, so I also made activities for telling time to the 1/4 hour as well, just in case I need to challenge some of them.
This is what we did today from my new unit Time Keeps on Tickin'.
My daughter helped me out this weekend and made my example clock for me.

I got these adorable numbers from Ashley Hughes-Colorful Chevron Numbers

Time scenarios to read aloud and kids to practice moving the hands on the clock--and writing on dry-erase boards.

Telling Time Anchor Charts

Glue to the plate and add hands with a brad (brass fastener). I did have to put the whole in the plate for my kids, I guess the plates were thicker than I thought. I also punched holes at the end of the arrows, so they would spin easier.
We are also researching different Famous Black American Inventors. Today We learned about Garret Morgan the Inventor of the Traffic Light. We made a Traffic light out of construction paper, after reading about him in our Time For Kids Scholastic Books.
 I bought a great unit from Teach 123 for Black History Month Activities, which compliments my writing Unit. Her unit, is full of fun ways to experience the different inventors inventions. So today we also made a Traffic Light Cookie out of graham crackers, Frosting and skittles. After this yummy snack they also wrote a "How-To Make a traffic Light Cookie"! 

We will be doing more with Time, Valentines, President's Day and Black History Month, so stop back in for more fun all February!

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