Tuesday, May 20, 2014

End of the Year Memories

Good Day to you!
Why am I in such a good mood?  Well for me, today means 11 days left of school. Yes, you heard me right E-LEV-EN!

My end of the year has been and will remain quite hectic. Last week I was out sick for 3 days.  Yup, 3 days. My daughter and I both came down with a virus. Thankfully I have great teammates, and really good subs.  One good thing about being home is you get to watch cooking shows, and find some great recipes for meals for when you are better. LOL!

We are testing and doing benchmarks this week...but next week I'd like to start my memory book. I love thinking back over the year and seeing how far my students have come. They have made great gains, and I have had a great year with them. 

For all of you faithful followers reading this today, You will get my memory book for FREE today only!  If you download it, please be sure to leave me some love--and feedback.
Here is the link to the Surf's Up School's Out Memory Book and other fun end of the year activities.

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  1. Just "stole" this great little pack! Thanks for the fun ideas to get through those end-of-year crazy days! :)


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