Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A great pair of books

Here's 2 great books for the beginning of the year that make a great Text to Text connection.

  Product Details 
by Kevin Henkes 
Product Details
by Carol McCloud

First we read Chrysanthemum and made these little cuties:
What do you need?  1 large white heart. 2 small pink hears for the ears. Construction paper for the background. Black crayon or pencil. Small, pink circles for the nose. Optional-Pink construction paper for the bow--or just draw it on.
Afterwards I read them Have You Filled a Bucket Today.
We talked about which characters in Chrysanthemum were being bucket dippers and how it made Chrysanthemum feel. It was a great way to make text-to-text connections as well as talk about the way we treat others, without any tattling.

If you haven't already read these 2 books, I highly suggest putting them together.

What other books make a great pair?

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