Thursday, July 16, 2015

*Throwback Thursday*

===Throwback Thursday!! from July 13, 2013!!======
Over the last couple of weeks I've been very fortunate to make some Custom Classroom Designs for a some lovely ladies.
I shared a photo on Instagram of my Aqua & Gray Classroom Decor.

 Tiffany commented, that she would like to know if I had it in black and red. I asked her to email me and that is when the fun began. Tiffany had a great vision for her room.  She had a polka dots and paws theme, but was having a lot of trouble finding items to fit her decor. 
(I found some great clip art form Graphics from the Pond of paws and scrappin' doodles--of puppies.  The polka dot backgrounds are from Ashley Hughes. The colors clip art comes from Krista Wallden at Creative Clips.)
Tiffany also wanted to add a clip-chart for behavior, #'s and colors as well.
I really loved how it turned out!! She came up with some great ideas for the clip-chart wording--very clever on her part--so I cannot take credit for it.

From there, I met Kari!  She was a winner in my Giveaway at the beginning of the month.  She loved the Polka dots and paws, but had a dilemma. She had invested in a lot of lime buckets and her school was going to have a Garden theme this year.  She wanted to do Ladybugs with lime and black. I found some pretty lime with polka dots background from Dreamlike Magic, black and white from Ashley Hughes and some pretty blossoms from Jessica Weible Illustrations. The pop of red from ladybugs makes it just beautiful!! Kari also asked for calendar #'s, so this Classroom Decor unit is about 20 pages bigger than the polka dots and paws. The editable file is also larger and contains more labels.

Last but certainly not least in my Owl Love Decor. If you came to my classroom or have seen my gifts from students you would know my theme was Owls last year and was a huge hit with my class. I really made this set with my own room in the back of my mind as far as colors are concerned. It is not a full set--as I am still working on it. However, it started out as Chalkboard theme for an elementary classroom. Again, Instagram has opened up many new doors, someone asked if it came in cursive. So I made this set in Chalkboard style and Cursive Style (the cursive font comes from and is called Learning curve) 

I made the Graphics a bit smaller as cursive is usually taught in older grades.

So what do you think?  Do you have a theme in mind, but can't find what you are looking for. I'd love to work with you!!

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