Monday, September 21, 2015

Watch me Minus!!

We have begun subtraction.
I plan on starting my Monster Problems for First Grade Soon. 
Hoping they will remember when to subtract.

Every year, my class reverts to adding even though we need to take away.
I happened to be watching the Jimmy Fallon / Ellen Degeneres Lip Sync battle one morning and had the Whip and Nae Nae stuck in my head. As I was checking homework I began changing the words in my head.
"Watch me Teach, teach.
(students) Now watch me Listen.
Watch me Teach, teach.
(students) Now watch me listen."

I began teaching Math, and several children were drawing plus signs and adding.

I always use arm motions to help my children learn, (even before WBT told you to, lol) I put 2 arms up in a plus for adding and 1 arm up across for minus. 2 arms up, parallel for  equal.
Then the song popped back into my head.

"Now watch me minus (minus sign with arm)
Now watch me take away (super man move)
Now watch me minus (minus sign with arm)
Now watch me take away (super man move)
Subtract, subtract (stinky leg move)
Subtract, subtract (stinky leg)
Now Break apart...(break your legs move)
Now Break apart...(break your legs)

The video below, shows this verse.
We have added the following lines (video hopefully to come soon)

We find the difference,
No, not the sum
When we subtract (minus sign)
All our Numbers (hashtag sign, 2 fingers across, 2 fingers down)

Hope you like this little song and dance and that it will help your kiddos learn subtraction. If you have never heard this song, it is now on My class loves this song for brain breaks as well.

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  1. The video isn't working, but I love the idea! Hope it is up soon as I need to see it in action before I can do it(go figure!! lol) Anyway, love it! thanks for sharing!


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