Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chrysanthemum, CAFE and Class-Yes!

I found this activity on Pinterest.  I thought it was "absolutely perfect"  It came from Nancy @ First Grade Wow She has quite a lot more to go along with the story Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. 
 Chrysanthemum[ CHRYSANTHEMUM ] by Henkes, Kevin (Author) Sep-20-96[ Paperback ]Find it on Amazon here
I chose to use her anchor chart as my "craftivity".  I then connected the words that are used in the book to my "Tune into Interesting Words" lesson to go along with the CAFE skill.

Before reading the story, I asked the class to listen for words  in the story that would describe Chrysanthemum and that sounded interesting or fancy.   As I read, I made sure to point out or stress these words {priceless, precious, winsome, perfect, to name a few} After I read, I showed the class my Large version of Chrysanthemum and told them they were going to make her too.  I had pre-cut the hearts, bows and nose.  (the bows were easy,  after cutting out the hearts, I used the bottom portion of the scraps to create the bows, as not to waste the paper) . Once we completed our gluing, We got started on the word writing.  As a class we began to brainstorm and recall the words that describe "Chrysanthemum" from the story.  Of course, we also had the anchor chart to look at as well.
Here's how they came out.  I think they are "precious and beautiful and priceless!"
I hung all of my Chrysanthemum's on a clothes line.  I made labels that said "Chrysanthemum's name is....." and the students wrote the words from the story surrounding her.  (very much like a Circle map)

Here is my Anchor chart along with some that couldn't fit on my clothes line outside my classroom.

This student added flowers next to each word, Love It!!!
I said in my Title that I would also talk about Class-yes.  If you have read anything from Whole Brain Teaching you are familiar with this classroom management technique.  I love it.  I did a little experiment.  I've been teaching Class-yes, extensively these last 2 weeks.  We practiced it explicitly the first several days of school. During this second week, I have been routinely using it. 

My class was having snack and I allowed them to talk with their classmates.  I let it get a little bit louder than normal, just to see what would happen.  I said a few children's names--no response.  I said boys and girls-- a few kids turned their heads.  But when I said Class---the whole class (mid-chew mind you) said Yes!  I have never had such a great response.  I realized it is the simplicity of the words that makes it work.  I've done a lot of research on classroom management. I've had a lot of practice with difficult students and classes.  I wish I would have read about this sooner. If you haven't read about it yet, go to:  Some great people have made some great free signs and have them on TpT (there are a lot, so find the ones you like best )


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  1. Oh My Goodness! Your Chrysanthemums turned out sooo cute. We're actually doing ours next week. I can't wait!! Thanks for possting! :)


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