Friday, August 3, 2012

Lions, Owls and Monkeys, Oh MY!

Are you doing  a Clip-Chart in your room?  It is also known as a Transportation Chart. I am using it and decided to make themed versions to fit different classrooms designs.
I have finally finished the first 3 themes! For some reason, my computer gave me problem after problem with these clip charts, but I finally got them turned into PDF's and up on TPT!  I am using the owls in my classroom, so you can get a better look at them.  I have a few friends with Jungle and Monkey themes, which inspired the other 2 clip-chart sets.  I made them all with and without backgrounds. I know Ink is more expensive than gasoline, plus, you might want to change the colors for each sign. What other themes might you like to see?

Clip Chart Signs {Jungle Theme}Clip Chart Signs {Jungle Theme}Clip Chart Signs {MonkeyTheme}Clip Chart Signs {MonkeyTheme}

You can  Find each theme at TPt by clicking on the name below.
                               Owl and Polka
                                Jungle Theme
                               Monkey Theme


  1. Very nice...Be sure to enter Digital Bakeshop's giveaway on facebook with this!
    I've pinned it!!
    Owl Things First

  2. Wowza! Go you! I was planning on spending my weakened doing these cute things... But since our network reset, I can't login on my school laptop..

    I'll have to wait till Monday, and hope I can access TPT on the school network :)

    Enjoy the last of your free days... And see you Monday!!!


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