Tuesday, October 9, 2012

POP/Gobble Gobble/ Daily 5 FREEBIE

Use Color Labels for Sight Word Game *Pop*. 
Pick up this Freebie! yeah, I figured out how to upload to Google Docs. (seriously, I could not figure that out--Umm, don't judge me, I can't believe how easy that was.)
These can be printed on Avery or Post It labels--Template 5160
I have also included labels which read "Gobble Gobble". You can use these sticks during the month of November.  Replace Pop--With Gobble Gobble!
Click the link to view and print: PoP Game Sight Words

I also have some Free Daily 5 Signs to share, now that I've figured this out.


  1. Looks great but how do you play the game?

    1. The child picks a stick, and says the word. If they get it right they keep the stick. If/when the child pulls a POP stick, they have to put the sticks back in the cup. This game helps with sight word recognition and automaticity.


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