Monday, November 19, 2012

Let it snow

Black Friday is when everyone goes shopping right? So, I'm having a sale! I just found out that TN is having sales over the weekend and TPT is having a cyber monday Sale so I have made my sales last all weekend and Monday!  Happy Shopping.
(If you are having a sale, feel free to grab the image above--Please just link back to my blog. )

Ok, so this has to be one of my favorite Christmas songs.  So click play as you read.
I am so Thankful to have off all of this week! Even if I am sitting and waiting all day for the Refrigerator repair guy for the 3rd time in 3 months! Ugh!  The only consolation I have is that the last time he came, we purchased a warranty. So this visit won't cost me too much.

So what to do with a week off.... Well, I don't have cooking and baking scheduled until Wednesday (which I really can't do with a broken fridge today anyway--since the eggs went bad in the broken fridge)
So clean up the kitchen--check
Fold the towels-check
do more laundry-check, check, check
So it's 10 o'clock and all of that is done!
I know let's hang the snowflakes I made with my kiddos yesterday! I found the pattern for these on Pinterest Here
                                               Pinned Image

Enjoy some Michael Buble for directions to this next snowflake. I learned how to make it 15 years ago, at a training in NY for new teachers.
The steps are fairly easy, you repeat them 6 times--because when water crystallizes --snowflakes have 6 points. You will need, scissors, tape and white paper (6 pieces). This is what you will be making:
My daughter and I made it together. Once I showed her how, she picked it up pretty quick. This is something I do with my students after a read aloud about Snow or Winter--Take your pick. Depending on the age level of your kids, or if you have help, this is an activity that can be done starting at age 6 (first grade) and up. After we make the snowflake, I ask the students to think back and write out the steps. They never seem to mind, because they want to remember how to make it. This makes for a great expository writing activity. After the directions, you can download a Snowflake writing page (from my winter unit,) if you would like to have your students write about it. P.S. I have also seen this activity done as an ornament. You only need 1 section instead of six and it can hang on a tree.

Fold on a diagonal to make a square.

cut off the bottom

You should have a large triangle. Fold in half 1 more time to make this Right Triangle.

Draw or cut 3 lines parallel to the longest side of the triangle (or hypotenuse) but do not cut all of the way through.

This is what it looks like once you cut it

When you unfold the paper, it should look like this.
I had my daughter do this with me, notice she has her pointer finger on the inside and is pinching it together with her thumb. She tapes it with her free hand.

Take the 2 smallest inner sections and tape them over lapping. You should be able to stick your finger through the space.

Flip it over and repeat with the next 2 sections of the snowflake. Flip and tape, flip and tape.

This is what it should look like when you are done.

To put together lay the points next to each other facing in the same directions. Tape them together at the belly (or where they cross). Then Tape them together at the tip.

I like to tape 2 at a time, then combine all the sections. If you try to connect them 1 at a time in a circle, they tend to pull. This is what you will have when you are done.
Tape at only 1 end
Once you have done your sets of 2, tape them together in the middle. Then connect them at the bellies.
It doesn't have to be exactly centered.

Finally, you will have a beautiful 3-Dimensional Snowflake.
As I have been typing,  my daughter has done some more--smaller versions on her own.

Like I said, once they learn, it's easy--Mommy gave no help with these!  So proud of her. She made the 2nd one out of scrap book Christmas paper--so pretty.

Download the Snowflake Freebie Writing here.Please let me know what you think and leave a comment--or leave me feedback at TPT-Snowflake Writing Freebie where I have also uploaded this document.  Thanks for reading :0)


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