Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beach themed Freebie and Getting Ready for Earth Day

I'm getting ready for Earth Day with my Earth Day Fun-damentals. I've cut up all the "I's", hearts and Earths for our I {heart} Earth Book. We sent in the packet of writing and activities to the Print Shop and it's all PRINTED!!!  Do you have that in your district? I love that as a grade we can send in what we want copied and it's done for us. (Granted there is a fee, but it's actually less than what it costs to run copies on our photocopier).
This will be the cover of the book. The inside will look just like this in a black line master. I added lines to the I and the Heart. In the Earth students will draw themselves taking care of the Earth.

I made some long strips of the same "I {heart} Earth, for the kids to make into bracelets or book marks.  I have some boys with big wrists so I made them long enough that it would not be too tight. In all actuality the students could actually cut it in half and make both.

I mounted this on construction paper to make it more bracelet like.
There are a few more activities in this unit as well that will keep us busy all day long.

Our school has also put up a sign up sheet for our classes to go around and clean up our campus. We will walk around and pick up litter and so forth. Does your school do anything for Earth day?

I'm also sharing this rubric I made for a friend of mine in 3rd grade. I'd love to know how you have your students rate themselves.
Beach themed Student Self-Assessment rubric Freebie

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