Monday, April 15, 2013

FCAT, PB&J, Fractions and Freebies

I'm linking up with Jodi at Fun in First --Come be a fly on my wall. Even though, today wasn't totally typical, I have a lot in this showing  the things we have been working on in writing and math.
So, today was my daughter's first year taking FCAT. She was so nervous she wrote a whole book about taking it!  I have to say, it is very creative --no bias right?  She's a third grader, and in Florida if students in Third grade do not pass we have mandatory retention. So needless to say, no pressure right?  She really is a smart kid and has nothing to worry about.  Still she has the perfectionist personality  (like her mother, hehe) so she always wants to do her best!

Due to FCAT, the whole schools schedule is flipped and turned and askew.
So I needed to plan my activities to take up more time than usual.
I started with  an art project with our story this week. The Dot.  It's a wonderful book about a young girl who does not think she can draw.  Her amazing art teacher, changes her perspective with one small act of hanging her painting in a frame on the wall.  This whole week, my class will become artists and we will create our very own art gallery.

For writing, we finished up our PB and J activities with a How To Make PB and J. I got some PB and J and we were snackin'!
So I picked up some supplies while food shopping. I made sure to bring both grape and strawberry jelly.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Compound Words Center

Peanut Butter Making Words Center

Synonym Sandwiches
We wrote about the Main Character and made a connection of Text to Self.

We wrote this today--How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

They wrote about their favorite food and what they would like to eat all day like the main character in my story!

In math we made some fraction-pillars to explore more with fourths.
I had them glue the circles onto a "branch". Then they used construction paper and cut out different shapes for each body part. (we did not include the head in our fraction) Common Core Standards 1.G.3. states first graders must know halves and fourths or quarters.
We did these last week--Paper plates and index cards. Eazy Pizzy!

Fraction Pizza freebie

Fraction-pillar freebie

Freebie Fridays


  1. Love the fraction pizzas on the paper plates. I will give it a go tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.
    First Grade Carousel

  2. What adorable ideas!!! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. What great ideas! I am also having a link--and would love to have you come by and link up! It is all about the dollar: anything that you find, sell, buy or love that is only a dollar. I would love to have you come by!


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