Friday, October 4, 2013

Apple Love, Easy Daysies--5 for Friday

I'm so excited to Link Up for 5 For Friday!! I can't remember if I've ever linked up before. You can link up with Doodle Bugs HERE.. So here goes....

We started off our week reading this great new book on Apples. I love that it incorporates the alphabet, a fact, a story and illustrations all in 1 book.  Although some of the words and content were higher than my first graders could read independently--As a read aloud it was perfect and we learned A LOT About apples.


Here, we labeled the parts after cutting the apples to really see the cross section of an actual apple.We ate red, yellow and green apples and apple pie on Tuesday. On Wednesday we drank apple juice and ate Apple Jacks. On Thursday we ate unsweetened applesauce and crispy apple chips. I love experiencing a topic and then writing about it. Keep reading to see what else we wrote about.


That afternoon we created the apple core craft. I really can't say where I got this. I found it a few years ago, before I knew of TpT and teaching blogs. I used lined writing paper and cut it on the sides to make it look as if it were bitten. I then wrote sentence frames on the board.   My Favorite Apple is ___________.It tastes__________. The apple feels ________. It looks_________. The apple smells___________________.                                      It sounds ______________ crunchy when I bite it.                Apples are my favorite fruit!


This Apple template is from Kathryn Robinson "Just Write All Year Long" for 1st grade. I have used this Apple book for 7 years!!!!  I absolutely love how she writes her lesson plans and has templates for everything!!!


Last but certainly not least are the Easy Daysies Magnetic classroom schedule cards. Creative Teaching Press is known for amazing products. These are no different. They were created by a mom and teacher. Here is something you can use in the classroom and they have Easy Daysies for Moms too!  They also sent me a starter kit to use with my own children. It's funny--I can schedule my class of 18 and keep up with a routine, but at home with only 2 it just not the same as my classroom. My children can read, but the magnetic schedule cards all have pictures as well. The kinesthetic aspect was no accident. My kids have to physically move the card over to the Done side once an activity is complete.
Learn more about them on my post and giveaway Click HERE and Enter the Easy Daysies Giveaway!! You could win a starter kit for home and an Add-on for school!!

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  1. I did not know about Creative Teaching Press! I now have a new resource in my bookmarks! Thanks!


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