Thursday, October 3, 2013

Easy Daysies Giveaway

I have been teaching for 16 years. I got my first teaching job straight out of college and never looked back. I got married and started a family--and still kept right on teaching. Thankfully, my mom could watch my babies while I was working, but we were always on a schedule and always had a routine.  When I was pregnant I read every baby book I could get my hands on; as I'm sure most of you did too. One particular book I read, "Baby Wise" spoke to creating independent babies that felt safe, by teaching them a routine from infancy. My Cousin had used it with her boys and raved about it. Their routine was Eat, Play, Sleep.  I followed this routine to a T. And let me tell you, knowing that my daughter was sleeping through the night when I had to go back to work was an enormous blessing. I used it again with my son when he was a baby and he too, slept through the night--which meant I could too.

Well, the baby years are long gone and my children are now 7 and 9.  I haven't found too many books that talk about scheduling kids at this age. So I've come up with some of my own ways of doing things. I've tried many different chore charts and schedules with my kids. We are always on a schedule and have a morning and afternoon routine that we follow. But after a while they kind of lose interest. I recently started giving "commission" for chores that they are responsible for around the house--cuz mama can't do it all!!
Here's what we used to use:
The left hand column has the name of each chore and then my kids have to check it off with a dry erase marker the day the do the chore.  Well, this worked for a little while, but like I said they didn't do a great job of checking things off.  They did however like to erase one another's check as a little joke--haha!  not Funny!

Suffice it to say when Heather from Creative Teaching Press contacted me about testing out a Chore Chart/Scheduling system I jumped at the opportunity! The Easy Daysies starter kit and Add-on kits arrived last Week!

Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedules For Kids header
Easy Daysies was created by a Mom and Teacher. She really thought of everything!!

CTP 1862 Easy Daysies Every Day Starter Kit
We received 2 Starter kits. 1 for each child. At first, my kids thought there was only 1 and arguing ensued--thankfully I had one for each of them. The Kits come with a Magnetic board that is double-sided (1 with an apple tree--the other side with a flower) . Each of my kids chose the apple tree. It also has a string if you would like to hang it from a door or in your bathroom on a hook. It really depends on what you will use it for. My kitchen Is Grand Central Station, so we use the Fridge for everything! The kit also comes with a small dry erase marker that is also magnetic. 1 of the 2 dry erase markers keeps falling of the fridge--the magnet did not want to stick to the marker. However, my 9 year old just taped it and voila!  It's Fixed!!

Click here to view larger image
I really wish I would of had this when my kids were little. This would have been great, when I was trying to rush out of the house to get them to my mom's and get myself to school. 

Click here to view larger image
This Add-on is my personal favorite. It helps me and my kids keep track of their chores and routines at home. They love checking off the little boxes when they have done their job. Also included are little clocks they can write the times of different activities on. Since they are dry-erase, they can be changed daily, quickly and easily.

Click here to view larger image
My kids really enjoy adding on the "extras" like Movie night--Family Night, Soccer and dance!

Click here to view larger image
I have this up in my classroom now. The fact that it is magnetic makes it easy to change out our specials or add-on special guests.

I took a video of my kids when they first got a chance to look at the magnets and schedule pieces. They were so excited about them. If you watch it through, I have to kind of curb them back a little, because they wanted to use them all!! LOL!  The chores Add-on has a Clean Bathroom Chore!! I can't wait to use that one!  
Click Here for the video

Creative Teaching Press is going to give one winner  the starter kit and 1 add-on pack for their classroom (grade level). If you click each of the pics above it will take you to the CTP website and you can read more about them. Are you a working mom like me? Do you need a little something to make your mornings and evenings easier? Well then head on down to the rafflecoptor below and Enter to win. The giveaway will end in 1 Week.
Good Luck and happy Scheduling!!

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  1. This looks great! It would help us by keeping us up to date on where we need to be and when! Whew, life gets hectic!

  2. Dear Jessica, thank you for the lovely blog post you wrote about Easy Daysies! I am truly honored! I love the video of your kids... so cute! Thank you again for taking the time to write about my mom/teacher created product. Sydney and Colin are adorable!

    Warmest Regards,
    Elaine Tan Comeau
    Mom of Three

    1. Thank you Elaine, for creating such a helpful tool for home and school. My kids were more than thrilled to have a new schedule and be my "testers".

  3. Easy Daysies look awesome! They look like a great way to hold the kids accountable for their own chores and increase responsibility!


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