Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fun, Candy Corn, Monster Problem Freebie!!!

Fall is my absolute Favorite season.  I love the cool crisp air, the crunchy leaves and warm vibrant colors.  Living in South Florida makes me miss these aspects of my favorite season sooo much. It also saddens me a little that my children will not get to truly experience this type of Fall. 
So I created a few fall units to help me scratch my fall itch.
The last couple weeks my class worked on some Fall Fundamentals.
 I made a simple unit with a handwriting book and math fall word problem book revolving around fall. It also includes a few word work activities and art projects with leaves. ( I am waiting until I visit Pennsylvania at the end of the month to do the leaf rubbings. I am planning on bringing back real Fall Leaves to my class)
Fall Fundamentals

One of my favorite fall activites is my October Mystery Word. I tried to include, Fire Safety, Christopher Columbus, Halloween and other Fall themed words in this set!

Students can make words with as many or as little letters that they can. This is a great activity to challenge as well as to boost the confidence of students who are still learning to decode.
We have not started these Monster Problems yet, but I plan on breaking these out over the next few weeks!
Try out the freebie to see if you will like the unit!
2nd Grade

1st Grade
 Finally, this might be my favorite writing unit that I have made. (it's really hard to choose) I just love to Fall into Writing! I love writing about each of the different fall topics. The students will brainstorm in the circle maps, organize their sentences in the tree maps and write on the writing pages. I have created different covers and pages for writing, for you to choose which you would like best.

I have a new craftivity inspired my my amazingly talented sister. She made me some graphics to try out in my units. She also has this graphic for sale in my store and on ETSY-Studio KWN  She wasn't sure if she was ready to dive head on into TPT quite yet as she is going to be moving back to Florida from Hawaii. But I would love if you would check out her Graphics and let us know what you think.
Candy Corn in Disguise Craftivity and Writing Activity I just think it so cute and something new! Find the graphics for personal use in your classroom, or for use on TPT products Candy Corn in Disguise Graphics 
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  1. I'm loving the mystery word! And I'm heading to check out your sisters graphics right now!
    Rowdy in First Grade


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