Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thank Goodness for sub-folders!

Thank Goodness For Sub-Folders!
Back in November I knew I was going to be out 2 days in a row for field trips with each of my children. As much as I was excited about seeing St. Augustine and the Zoo, I was also frantic trying to get 2 days worth of materials and plans ready. I happened to have 2 of the same Substitute Folders from CTP (Creative Teaching Press) in the Dots on Turquoise collection. I used 1 folder for each day I was out. My materials, (typed plans and schedule, worksheets, books etc…) easily fit in the pockets of the folder.

In addition, everything you can think of as far as seating arrangements, important phone numbers and extensions, and other emergency information was already included for me in the folder. To be honest, when I ordered the folder originally it was purely for cosmetic reasons. (I have a slight addiction to the Dots on Turquoise collection—shh, don’t tell anyone! LOL!)  I didn’t realize that it came with an insert full of printables to use when I was out. I chose to write directly on the sheets, but you could easily photocopy them and reuse for future classes.

On my first day back of the New Year I received a phone call at about 9:30 saying “I’m sorry about this, but you need to put in for a sub tomorrow, you have a training to go to.”  So, I can’t tell you how thankful I was for these folders again. Putting my plans together was so much easier, I already had everything filled out in the folder.  On the seating chart page I had traced out my tables according to the colors of my teams (blue, green, yellow, orange, purple) and wrote the student names in pencil—so they can be changed as I change my seats. So today, all I had to do was erase my kids names and put them in their new seat-simple!

My materials went into the pockets of the folder and I typed in the changes to my sub-plan template. It may have been last minute, but I was prepared! I know my sub had a good day on our 2nd day back of 2014 (because I got the best note ever!)!  Happy New Year everyone!

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