Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ladybug Love-Custom Classroom Decor

About a year ago, I made a custom classroom decor set for a wonderful teacher named Kari. She was kind enough to send me the pictures of her finished classroom. She asked for a green, black and white Ladybug theme. I worked hard to meet her needs and make her set to match her style and vision for her classroom. She had a room full of green, red and white baskets and pom poms--which turned out to match absolutely perfectly with the Ladybug love Decor!
As you can see, Kari's bulletin board is meticulously designed. I love how she separates the board with different colors. The simple black border makes it easy on the eye. In front of her board on the table she has baskets labeled with the Editable Chalkboard labels in the set.

Kari asked for calendar numbers and month cards. I created a pattern with the background colors of green, black and white. The red ladybugs truly POP on this calendar! Each month had a matching background to the theme, and graphics to fit that specific month.

Here, Kari has used the editable file to meet the needs of her classroom. I love how she used these!
Kari, made her own custom name Banner. Love it!!

Kari decorated her Wall with hand-painted letters with some more ladybugs.

 I love the how she color-coordinated everything in her room. Even the poms hanging above are matching. Do you see the daisies in the corner of the bulletin board on the left? What a great idea!

Here you can see how all the colors come together in her classroom. Between, the baskets and poms, the bulletin boards, wall decor and labels, Kari has created a beautiful classroom.

The Word Wall was created using the Word Wall and Banner from the Decor Set. Also in the corner, you catch a glimpse of the color cards.

Another view of the classroom, I love how she has organized all of her baskets and bins!
Here is another example of how Kari made the editable file work for her classroom needs.

Here Kari has used the Editable file for a birthday wall.
Here's a close-up.

These are the number cards that match the color-scheme and theme of the room. The backgrounds are green, black and white. The ten-frames are filled with ladybugs.
Thank you so much Kari for sending me these photos. I love how your classroom came out and I'm sure your students loved it too!
You can find the Ladybug Love set here
Baskets came from The Dollar Tree and Walmart.
Poms from Oriental Trading.


  1. What a cute room it turned out to be! Great job!
    First Grade Found Me

  2. You are so sweet!!!! I loved reading this post and I hope more people will buy this set. I love my room now!! Thank you again!


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