Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cute Kids Editable Bundle

Summer time is for relaxing, but for teachers it is also for getting ready for the next school year. I love to make editable files that can be tailor made to each individual teacher. I made this last year and used several of these for my homework folder cover, labels for progress reports and labels for notebooks. I was finally able to sit down and expand this file to include binder covers, spines, chalkboards and plain white background labels.I present to you Cute Kid Editable Labels, Binder Covers and Spines

These are the ones I used in my classroom to start.

I added my name and the school year under the kids. In the editable file you can do the same.

There is also a boy version of this label. I place these on the folders we send home once a month with the student progress report.

I made over 30 different editable pages to help you get organized for your school year with some Cute kids!! Graphics by Melonheadz illustrating

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  1. I definitely always need editable binder labels! I use Tunstall's Rise n Shine binders for morning work and each kid has their own binder. I will probably create individual binder portfolios for my tier 3 kiddos now who I know I'll have long-term!


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