Monday, June 8, 2015

Winner and Summer Project #1

I'm happy to announce the winner of the CTP Giveaway here on Tales of a First Grade Teacher is 
Becka Lisa from Sparkling sped.

I have emailed you Becka!!!

Summer began for me on Friday ( I had to work thursday, without students to pack up.) There is something a little strange about being at school without a bazillion kids. 
My own children had to come with me.

Life a of a staff kid! I finished cleaning and purging cabinets by lunch. They were so good, and didn't even complain about being in their second home.

Friday I spent cleaning out--and I mean cleaning out my closet, big time purge! I've been in my home 11 years. I've donated clothes and shoes over the years, but never really did such a big clean out before.

This was only the beginning of the pile of clothes that were donated to Hospice.

If you follow me on instagram, which I am on quite a bit, then you saw my mission accomplished.  Look at all those hangers! I got rid of a lot of shirts. I even color coded my tanks. I live in Florida, Tanks are an essential part of my weekend wardrobe.

I got this 8 square shelf from Target yesterday. My husband put it together for me. I do not have a before shoe, because, well that is just too scary. I'm storing purses, books, pajamas, 31 bags etc...
It's so nice,neat and tidy now. Now just to keep it that way!!

Now to get ready for the next project of summer. Painting my daughter's room. (more pics when finished, but this may take a while)

We are thinking about doing an ombre wall, wish me luck!!

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