Friday, August 28, 2015

Brighten up your Bulletin Boards

B2S15 has been a bit of a tornado. I apologize for the tardiness of my post.
Let's brighten up some bulletin boards. Last year, I had the chevron on this board. and the paisley. I added the Chalk and turquoise polka dots and the chalk pennant cut-outs from Creative Teaching Press.

Try different borders to make your bulletin border unique. The top is pennant border, from the Dots on Turquoise decorator set. The side border is Paisley and dots on turquoise and the bottom border is stitches. To divide the bulletin board, I used the turquoise Chevron border.

These are probably the most versatile item in my classroom. Dots on Turquoise Dots. I used them on the above bulletin board for my Word Wall letters and below on my floor for line spots. This is the first time I have tried this idea. I wrote Line leader and door holder on the first 2 spots, then numbered the rest. I taped them to my floor. I give each student a number alphabetically. Now when I call them to line up, they go write to their spot!

I love this Chalkboard set. I laminated the cards and wrote the kids names with a chalk marker. They wipe write off with a magic eraser or a wet paper towel. Check out the here Chalk it up! School house charm .
I'm sorry I didn't get the best picture of this area, but... I tripled up the border on the bottom of the jobs board. Red Herringbone, turquoise scallop then turquoise chevron. Since this is wher we keep our lunch boxes, the border protects the wall. I used the Dots on turquoise small library pockets. I wrote jobs on each pocket and used the matching letters to label the board. I made numbers and glued them to popsicle sticks. I rotate the jobs every week.
 Now head on over to Kayla at Top Dog Teaching to see her new ideas to celebrate Differences

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    Where did you get your schedule pieces? They are so cute. I like the pictures included with the subjects. Thanks, Kristin


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