Monday, November 9, 2015

Erin Condren Goodies

Oh how I love thy products, Erin Condren, Let me count the ways!
So I have been an Erin Condren fan for at least 3 years. (I mean look at the box this comes in! I can't even)  I have used her life planner for the last 3 years and teacher lesson planner for the 2. Besides being pretty, I find her products both durable and pragmatic. This is my opinion and I paid for these goodies with my own hard earned $$$. That being said, she has a great refer a friend program. This link, will give you 10$ off your first purchase as a a referral from me. 

Everything is done with quality, beauty and care. Each detail is attended to including the wrapping. When you open one of these boxes, no matter what time of year, it feels like Christmas! I love online shopping and often purchase clothes, books and other products on online sites. has by far the best shipping in my humble shopping experience.

Bubble wrap to protect my goodies and also is a great stress reliever! POP, POP!!

Erin Condren is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. They included this free framed quote in silver "Things are about to get really good"  I love the faith in behind that quote. This will be getting hung in my classroom, to remind me, even on bad days to have faith in the good that I am doing in my classroom, and how blessed I am.

I fell in love with this herringbone pattern the first time I saw it. I ordered a Deluxe Notebook to use for Faculty meetings, Faculty council and professional development.  A dear friend of mine, gave me some of the dividers you can also purchase along with the notebook. They are great and have multiple uses. I used them as dry erase boards in my classroom, but will be adding them to my notebook now. The deluxe notebook came with a pencil pouch (with all sorts of goodies) and a keep-it-together folder.

This is my new life planner for 2016. This new geode pattern is completely different from the herringbone notebook. It's more organic, where as the herringbone is linear. I love both!! I guess it shows that I have 2 sides or that I am completely indecisive! As for the inside, I am trying the new Horizontal format. Since it is not 2016 yet, I can't comment on whether or not I like it. Once, I get into the new year I can say what I think.

I hope my MIL doesn't read this, because this is her Christmas present. She absolutely loves butterflies! I got her the smaller notebook with these gorgeous butterflies. I know she is going to love it!

Last, but certainly not least I added on this little Monthly budget book. It has a page for each month with pre-printed areas for all your expenses. I am adamant about doing our budget each month. I love that it is small, and I can easily take it from my life planner to my purse when I want to go shopping! If you have never purchased from her before try this referral link. It will give us both 10$ off our next purchase.

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