Saturday, November 7, 2015

Harvest Time (and a Freebie too)

October has flown by. So much has happened this last month, I've barely had time to blink.
I will be sharing some great fall activities you can still use even into November as well as other great math and science units in some upcoming posts.

Today I want to share some great  products from Creative Teaching Press which will snazzy up your bulletin boards and add some color to a book response we did.

Let's start with this book response. I read There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves (click here to buy on amazon) or use your Scholastic Bonus points. We used the 6" designer pumpkin cut-outs from Creative Teaching Press. I made a quick shirt using construction paper and pants using scrapbook paper. Click here to download the cut-out. (or feel free to make your own). It's hard to see but there is a popsicle stick connecting the pumpkin head and shirt (as this was one of the items the old lady swallowed).The belt can be a piece of yarn, I had some raffia leftover from a craft we did last year.  For the hands, we used the mini leaves from the Autumn Harvest 1" Mini Designer Cutouts .
After we made the scarecrows, students wrote to describe their scarecrows. I added the following borders and the fence border to make it look like a field full of scarecrows.  I used orange ombre border layered with pumpkin harvest border. You can add the picket fence stencil-cut border here as well. I think it gives it just a little something extra!

or click here to download cut out
I work in school that has Pods. We have 5 classrooms. 2 are kindergarten, 2 first grade and 1 ESE support room. We share this bulletin board as a pod. We used the ombre borders in a variety of colors (yellow, orange and green) as well as the pumpkin harvest border I mentioned above.

I love the variety in this Harvest time Bulletin Board Set. It came with apples, sunflowers, leaves, signs, a scarecrow and so much more. It's a great set that will last you all season long! Unfortunately this set has been discontinued, however there is another newer set that is similar you might like.

I hope everyone had a great October, and that you have an even better November. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share these ideas with you. How are you getting ready for Thanksgiving in your classroom?  I'll be sharing more about Thanksgiving, unitl next time...

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