Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Day of School Survival Kit


About 6 years ago, my cousin called me after her open house at school.  She was so excited because her son came home with the cutest thing for the first day of Kindergarten.  * JITTER GLITTER *
It was a zip-lock bag with glitter in it and a cute little poem. You sprinkle the glitter on your head so you are not nervous.  All the K teachers come into school with glitter on their shoulders for the first day, it's so sweet. Anyway, after she read it to me, I said "hold-on, I'm getting my pen"  I wrote it down, typed it up and used it for my Open House the following day at my school.   (I just fixed up the Jitter Glitter and put it up on TPT as a freebie. Click Here to download.)
 tpt   tpt
Well,  I was transferred to that school a year later to teach First Grade, and since Kindergarten does  JITTER GLITTER  I had to come up with something else. 
First Day of School Kit K-5 (Portrait view)First Day of School Kit K-5
(Sorry these Images are terrible)
I found a version of this 5 years ago while browsing the internet --this was before pinterest--so I can not credit this back,  I've made plenty of changes along the way so here it is.

These are my First Day of School Survival Kit  Portrait View
and First Day of School Survival Kit    Landscape view.
(Click on the name and it will take you to my TPT store)
I have a short letter welcoming each student to First Grade. (There is a separate letter for grades K-5, so if you ever change grade levels, you can just printout a different page--no white out needed)

In addition there is a  list of items which I give to each student in a white bag, with a reason why I am giving it to them.  For example, An eraser, because it's o.k. to make mistakes.  You can get the "Welcome To School" white bags from Really Good Stuff or buy your own from the store
 Welcome To School Bag Kit

(There are 36 in a pack, so I got them last year and can use them again this year because we are capped at 18 students)

I give these to my students at Open House (which is the Friday before school starts on Monday) and have them read it with their parents.   That way they are not nervous for the first day, and have a little gift from their teacher to start the school year out right. 

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  1. I'd love to see it! Please email it to me! Thanks!

  2. I'd love to see it too! Thanks!

  3. I so want the poem for Jitter Glitter! Please email it to me. Thanks!

  4. Jessica, Thanks for linking up with my Holiday Picture Books- Back to School Linky Party. I'd love a copy of your poem when you get a chance. I'm going to buy First Grade Jitters to read to my class this year.
    First Grade Found Me

  5. Whoops! Forgot to leave my email. It's

  6. Love the jitter glitter idea. I'm linking this post to my 'back to school' page. :) Cute blog! I'm a new follower.

    The School Supply Addict

  7. I am doing for the first time a jitter confeti poem I found on pinterest. It seems similar. Instead of head, you put it on your pillow. I wish I saw this first.. I have a TON of glitter... not so much confetti. I will have to remeber this for next year though~ Thanks for the freebie :)


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