Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cyber Sale and a Giveaway

Thanks to Ashley Hughes for the cute Graphic

I've linked up with Blog Hoppin' for the Cyber Sale.
My sale is all this weekend- along with a slew of TPT sellers. 20% off on Cyber Monday and Tuesday. TPT will be offering an additional 8% off for a grand total of 28% off.  My TPT Store Make sure you enter the code CMT12. Don't forget to leave feedback on any and all of your purchases. TPT "pays" you back with credits towards your next purchase.

Don't miss out on my amazing Giveaway for reaching 150+followers. Click the Image below to go to the giveaway!!! And share with your friends and followers.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it is warmer where you are. We just got some snow here in Toronto. I wanted to make your holiday a little more special by nominating you for the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. Come and read all about the details at

  2. I found your blog through the Liebster Award posts and have become a new follower. I know you have already been nominated, but I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog post to see more about it!

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key


I love hearing from you!!!!Thanks for telling your tale....

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