Monday, November 26, 2012

Super Sentences and a Giveaway

So how was your first day back?
Mine started off with a bang--or a drill to be more like it.
A Fire Drill that is.   About 3 minutes after morning announcements the Fire Alarm went off. 
It was unplanned, and lasted longer than usual.  There were a few minutes there where I started to worry, that it may have been the real thing.  Luckily, it was just a "glitch" in the system.  
When we got back to class, I got out my "Strengthen Your Sentences" from Amy Lemons.
We've been using this unit for a while. I try to focus on sentence writing on Mondays, so this pack is perfect. I read the first few pages of this book to get them started. Punctuation Celebration
This book has descriptions and poems on EVERY type of punctuation.  I only used the first few pages of this book for my first graders. However, it gives examples and descriptions, I plan on using later in the year for quotations and more.
I started out with these Telling and Asking sorts. I gave each student an orange folder to sort in. I knew I would be using this unit over an extended period of time. So a Folder was the sturdiest option.

We used our little punctuation marks to play a game (which Punctuation mark should I use?) and then made the beloved  
Super Hero sentence Headbands.
Each student had to then write 1 of each kind of sentence. Statement, Question and Exlamation Point.

I had copied the mask onto colored paper and the lightning bolts onto yellow cardstock.

Most of the kids, wanted the masks to cover their eyes, so they glued them to the lower portion of the sentence strip, along with their sentence cards.  I checked each student's sentences, before they got to make the mask,  to make sure they understood the difference between the types of sentences. Don't they look cute in their super hero poses?
One of my student's moms is a friend of mine. I texted her a picture of her daughter in her mask. She told me that she walked all the way home with it on and even left it on to do her homework!  How awesome is that?! There's more in this unit, like complete and incomplete sentence activities and mapping a sentence.
I made this anchor chart to help the students with this part of writing a complete sentence.
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